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    The bible states that man should not live by bread alone "but by every word of God" (Luke 4:4 Holy Bible KJV). We believe through Jesus Christ we can help people align their lives according to the living word of God and ultimately strive to help them overcome every sin, opposition, resistance, challenge, and past habit.​  Scripture tells us that God has a calling in each and every individual's life: "that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light" (1 Peter 2:9 Holy Bible KJV). It is our mission to help those hungry and in need to build their lives on God's purpose.


   In the fall of 1933, Eva United Pentecostal Church was born into existence as the result of prayer meetings held by the congregation of Bethel Methodist Church just down the road. The pastor and congregation was praying for greater revelation of God's word and a closer walk with the Lord. However, when the answer came from God, only a few recognized the calling of the Spirit. 
    A lady by the name of Viola Minor heard of preachers from Ohio who were willing to come and declare greater revelation of scripture that would produce a closer walk with God. Mrs. Minor approached three of the leading men in the Bethel congregation, they were: Thomas Whitworth, Joe Lee Bucklew, and Bill Stocks. They all agreed to call for these preachers and to hear their message.
    On the third Sunday of August 1933, J.L. and Ethel Patton came to Mrs. Minor's home and shared the message of Acts chapter2, declaring that it was for our day. Afterwards, Thomas Whitworth, Joe Lee Bucklew, and Bill Stocks met in some woods behind Old Cannon Church to pray and discuss the matter. The results of this meeting was, these men agreed that they and their families would accept the message of repentance, water baptism in the name of Jesus Christ, and the infilling of the Holy Ghost with evidence of speaking in other tongues.
    The Eva U.P.C. was born. A brush harbor was built on the corner of what is now Bethel and Pentecost roads. People came to hear this "strange" doctrine and as the message was preached, people began to be filled with the Holy Ghost and obeyed Acts 2:38. From this little brush harbor the Church moved across Pentecost road to a half acre of land donated by Sister Viola Minor.
    This all happened during a deep depression in our nation and hard times. Money was hard to come by but, Thomas Whitworth owned a saw mill and he declared, "we will saw the lumber and use pegs for nails if necessary, we will build a church building", and this they did. That building still stands today at Pentecost road and has been added to over the years. By this time, Eva U.P.C. had grown from that small group to a healthy thriving church family.
    Eva U.P.C. had been blessed through the years with great pastoral leadership. The church grew from the brush harbor to a small building on Pentecost road under the leadership of Brother J.L. Patton. Then Brother Ralph Underwood and his wife, Cleo, lead her forward for several years before moving on. Then other pastors blessed the church with their leadship before Brother Underwood's return.
    When Brother Ralph and Cleo Underwood returned as Pastor in 1962, the church began to grow, the little building was expanded to accomidate the growing congregation. An annex building was added as the grew and moved forward in worship to God.
    On May 6th, 1986, God called Pastor Underwood to his reward. After his passing, Assistant Pastor, Tim Bolin became Pastor. Under his two and a half years of leadership, the church continued to expand and grow. Positive change took place under Pastor Bolin. The church began to move forward spiritually, numerically, and financially.
    In late November 1988, Pastor Bolin felt to resign and move on. God sent Eva U.P.C. a new Pastor, Brother Greg Wilbanks, along with his wife, Sister Karen, and three kids: Jeremy, Tiffany, and Jason.
    In Janurary 1989, Pastor Wilbanks took on the pastorate and leadership of the church bringing inspired preaching and teaching. He took Eva U.P.C. forward in revival; the church continue to experience blessings in spirituality, numerical growth, and financial support under Pastor Wilbanks.
    In the fall of 1991, the church was growing out of its building with no more room to expand. A building committe was appointed and work was underway to locate room for a large church building. The decision was made to build on the property across Pentecost road, where the parsonage had once stood. The building and financial plan was introduced to the church family and accepted by 100% of the congregation.
    In the spring of 1992, ground breaking ceremonies thrust the church family into a building program that produced the next era of the history of a little pentecostal church in Eva, AL. The old church building was converted into an educational building housing the dynamic sunday school and childrens ministries. The annex building underwent an inside remodel, and was used as a multi-purpose fellowship hall and conference room with a new kitchen and dining area.

​What we Believe

There is One God

The Bible is Divinely Inspired

There is One Gospel of Jesus Christ

There is One Plan of Salvation

A Christian lives a Life of Holiness

A Christian practices Genuine Christ-like Behavior

There is a local and universal Church

Jesus Christ will Come Again

There will be a Judgment of all People

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​What to Expect

Bible based Preach & Teaching

Vibrant Worship

A Friendly & Caring Congregation

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