Pastoral Staff

Jeremy and Von de Leigh Wilbanks

Pastor & Music Director

Pastor Jeremy Wilbanks is a preacher, teacher, and an effective evangelist that Cornerstone Revival Center is blessed to have. He is the son of Bishop Greg and Karen Wilbanks. He has been preaching since his teens and has obtained a Master's degree of Christian Leadership from the Apostolic School of Theology. He is now in the process of getting his Doctorate degree and working as a teacher for online classes at Wilson University and teaching doctrine for Cornerstone Christian Academy. Sister Von de Leigh Wilbanks is orginally from California, she is the director and visionary of our entire music department. She graduated from CSUS with a bachelor of art in music and concentration in piano. She has taught music appreciation at Patten College and private piano and voice lessons since age sixteen.

Greg Wilbanks


Bishop Greg Wilbanks has led Cornerstone Revival Center since 1989 with a constant vision of growth and revival. With over 30 years of experience in ministry, Bishop Wilbanks is a well-known pastor, evangelist, teacher, and counselor. He started his ministry as a youth pastor at a young age after he was baptized and received the Holy Ghost at his home church in Flint, Michigan. 

Jim and Renae Hampton

Assistant Pastor

For over twenty-four years Brother Jim Hampton has served as the Assistant Pastor and has been a faithful leader of our congregation as well as a dynamic preacher. He began his ministry in 1979 one year after receiving the Holy Ghost and served as youth leader for five years. Although mostly preaching at his home church here at Cornerstone Revival Center, Brother Hampton has also visited and preached in various churches across the Southeast.
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Ministerial Staff

Sean and Bessie Ryan

Sunday School Directors

Jeff and Bridget Koehoorn

Pastoral Assistants

Robert and Jessica Brantley

Evangelism Directors

Jordan and Jade Fitzgerald

Youth Pastors

Zane and Sarah Wells

Fellowship Ministry Directors

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